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Web Developer

I’m George Buckingham, an enthusiastic web developer from sunny Bournemouth, Dorset. I call myself a web developer, but I don’t just design & build websites - I solve problems using the web.

I like to carefully hand-craft semantic, standards compliant interfaces for the web using HTML, CSS, LESS and JavaScript. I don’t just develop front end code for desktop / laptop computers - I aim to support various different sized devices including tablets and mobile phones.

I plan and develop bespoke web applications and content management systems - both front and back end. I primarily work in object oriented PHP / MySQL - using either the Laravel framework, or, an un-bloated, robust, flexible MVC based framework that I’ve developed myself. I know exactly what every line of my code is doing, and importantly how and why it’s doing it.

As well as developing using frameworks, I’m also confident in working with vanilla PHP. I keep all my code in version control using GIT. I often use Capistrano for deployment of my PHP applications. I configure and manage my own servers running a LEMP stack (Linux, NGINX, PHP, MySQL).

I work heavily with WordPress too - developing bespoke plugins and coding custom themes to provide enhanced functionality. I’m also able to develop a bespoke system and integrate it with WordPress to reap the benefits of each approach.

I graduated from university in 2012 and was awarded the degree of Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours in Web Development. Areas of study included PHP development, front end development, database administration, usability and networking. For my dissertation I developed a project management system for small web agencies - the implementation and final report were both marked at 92%, and I achieved an overall mark of 88%.

I currently work for Yammayap - a design led web development agency based in Bournemouth. I’m primarily responsible for our bespoke development projects, but also develop some of our WordPress based sites too. I work with a variety of clients including international software companies, local authority organisations & schools, exciting new startups and local businesses.

I also freelance. I am available for PHP, WordPress or front end web development projects and can provide examples of previous work upon request. Please contact me if you have a project that you would like to discuss.

When I’m not coding, you’ll find me listening to music, cycling in the New Forest, enjoy some travel, attempting to take photographs or relaxing on one of the nearby beaches / quays with a pint of Best from Ringwood Brewery. Nice.

Want to know more? Please get in touch and we can start discussing your needs.