A fresh start, built on Jigsaw

It's been a while since my last blog post, and even longer since my site has a refresh. Working on your own website is always the hardest, but the time had come for my old site to be replaced.

This evening I've released a new version of my site - with updated content and a new look & feel. As my love of WordPress is rapidly decreasing, I decided to migrate away from it, and build my new site on Jigsaw - a static site generator built in PHP using several Laravel components (e.g. Blade and Mix).

Jigsaw does away with the bloated features I wasn't really using in WordPress. I needed a simple platform for publishing occasional blog posts and basic simple text-based pages. A static site generator was the obvious way forward - it brings great performance benefits and means all my content is now version controlled.

The new look-and-feel has also given me a chance to re-write the front end code using newer CSS techniques such as flexbox for easier layouts. Sorry to anyone using older versions of Internet Explorer - it was time to move on.

That's a wrap for now, but I'd welcome any feedback you have on the new site - drop me an email or a tweet - I'm @gbuckingham89 on Twitter.

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